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September 2009 Edition - PowerPoint Plug-ins are incorporated into the main installer


As of the September 2009 Edition of SongShow Plus, the PowerPoint Import and PowerPoint Support Plug-ins are incorporated into the main installer.  This means that there are no separate installations or selections required to use PowerPoint within SongShow Plus. It is still required that a supported version of PowerPoint be installed on your system. 
Additionally there are new tools for importing PPT slideshows into SSP and converting them to SongShow slideshows. 

If you have updated SSP to the September 2009 Edition from a previous version that used a separate installer,  the Help > ReadMe > PowerPoint help file links will give you an error indicating the documents cannot be found. 
The documentation for PowerPoint in SSP that previously was found in the Help section is being relocated and updated.  That documentation can be found online in the Features Matrix and in the Online User Guide.  It can also be found on the system SSP is installed either from the User Guide tab at the bottom of the Control Panel or the PDF version of the User Guide.
Please note that the sections regarding PowerPoint Control settings only apply to SSP editions prior to the September 2009 Edition.


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