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Song cannot be found after workstation to projection transfer of program


If a song is added to a program on a workstation computer, and the program is saved to a diskette or other removable media, then loaded on the projection system, the song cannot be found when trying to run the program on the projection system. This could be true for other program elements as well.

Possible Cause:
Adding a song to a program places a reference to that song, not the actual contents of the song, in the program.  If programs are shared between two computers, they both need to contain the same songs. 

Possible Solution:
You can use the Backup / Restore Utility to move all or parts of a songs database from one machine to another. This will make sure all songs are available on both systems.

Possible Solution:
You can use the Package-to-go Utility to transfer all songs used in a particular program from a workstation machine to the projection machine.  To use this utility from the SongShow Plus Control Window, use the menu command File > Package to go and save it to the removable media for transport to the projection system.

Possible Cause:
The songs that you are trying to use are not transportable.  None of the stock songs (Stock Hymns or Christmas Carols) will transport via Package-to-go.

Possible Solution:
Install the Stock Hymns and Christmas Carols on all the systems you want to use them on.  These are allowed on Workstations and well as Projection systems.


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