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Videos are choppy in SSP


Videos appear to be choppy or dropping frames when they are played in SongShow Plus.

Possible Cause:

Drivers are out of date

Possible Solution:
Update drivers. To learn how read more here:

Possible Cause:
Video card is using “Turbo Cache” or “Hypermemory.” These cards have model numbers with things like LE, TC or SE in them. The cards do not have their own memory but instead have a small amount and then use a bit of the computer’s RAM to make up the difference. For example, the card might be listed as 128 meg card but actually only has 16 megs so it uses 96 megabytes of system RAM. This causes the card and the system to be slow.

Possible Solution:
Upgrade to a video card that has its own dedicated memory.

Possible Cause:
Video is corrupted or is of low quality.

Possible Solution:
Verify video integrity and quality.  The video should be of sufficient size, frame rate and bit rate for smooth playback. The size and bit rate will vary depending on the video format.  The frame rate should be 30 FPS if possible - some video formats are slightly different than that.
This would also apply to poorly rendered videos. It may meet all the requirements but "glitches" in the rendering process can not be corrected by the player. 
Playing the video in something other than SSP is a good way to check this.  If the bad behavior is present in another player, such as Windows Media Player, it is a video issue rather than an SSP issue.
Possible Cause:
Virus scan is taking place.

Possible Solution:
Pause or disable any complete system virus scan process that may be running during your service.  Some background scanning may be problematic as well.  Check your Virus scan settings and modify as required.

Possible Cause:
Search indexing or other background operation is taking place.

Possible Solution:
Pause or disable any indexing or search tools such as Google Desktop, similar Microsoft or Yahoo tools, or any other like indexing/search software or tools.  This background load can take valuable system resources from SSP.

Possible Cause:
Target Frames Per Second (FPS) set too low and/or synchronization not set correctly.

Possible Solution:
Verify that the Default/Target Frames Per Second (FPS) in the Advanced Graphics settings is set to 60 and the synchronization is set correctly.  This can be found from the main toolbar using the following steps:

  1. Click on Display, then Change Monitor Options...
  2. In the Monitor Options dialog, click on the Graphics tab.
  3. Click on the Advanced Settings button and make sure Default/Target Frames Per Second (FPS) = 60.  Adjust if necessary.
  4. Make sure the Synchronize with Vertical Retrace box is checked.
  5. Under Adjust Target FPS make sure it is set to Match Refresh Rate 

Possible Cause:
The refresh rate on the output device is not set to 60Hz.

Possible Solution:
For best synchronization it is recommended that the refresh rate of the output device be set to 60Hz.  You can verify that the refresh rate is set correctly in the Windows Display Properties settings or the video card control panel.

Possible Cause: 
Video or CODEC incompatible with SongShow Plus - Video will play in Windows Media player or other player.

Possible Solution: 
Try obtaining a different CODEC for the file in question. While we try to allow the broadest video compatibility possible, there are some video formats and CODECs that may not work with SSP.

Possible Cause: 
Multi-core setting is not enabled in SongShow Plus.

Possible Solution: 
If your system has a multi-core CPU, enabling the use of multi-core in SongShow Plus can improve performance in many areas of SongShow Plus.  This can be enabled from the main tool bar by selecting Tools > Multi-processor Settings and selecting option A.  

Possible Cause:
If the video played as expected prior to updating to the May 2012 Edition of SongShow Plus it is possible that the codec/filter used for playback is not on the more restrictive trusted codec/filter list allowed for use within SongShow Plus with the default System Video Components setting of option A. 

Change the System Video Components setting to option B.
1.  Close SongShow Plus.
2.  Open the SongShow Plus Utilities panel.
3.  Select the Video Files Settings option.
4.  When the settings panel opens change the System Video Components setting to option B.
5.  Click Save to save the setting and close the panel.
6.  Launch SongShow Plus and play the video.

Be aware that while this may allow the videos to play again, it may also introduce other issues within SongShow Plus regarding video playback.  Since option B allows the use of non-trusted and/or unsupported codecs/filters the extent of affect on SongShow Plus is unknown.

If this does not restore playback capability or other issues occur, contact the Support Team for further investigation.


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