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User unable to edit song files after text import from a PDF or other file type.


The initial import appeared to be successful but some song files have become un-editable over time after initially importing text from a PDF (or other) file to create a song. This is most likely to occur if data other than text is imported with the text (i.e. copying from a PDF lead sheet will bring some additional data with the text) and later discarded.  This could apply to other document types besides a PDF.
Possible Cause:
If you are pasting directly into the song lyrics window from a source that is not plain text, extra data that the song file is not designed handle may be pasted with it. One possible clue to this is the size of the song file.  Typically, a song file with just text is less than 5kb.  Additional display property settings may cause it to go as high as 50kb.  A song file that has an image loaded into it will reflect the size of the image as well but this is rare as the default image setting is to link the images to prevent this. 
A song file larger than 50kb should be scrutinized for possible issues.
Possible Solution:
Copy the text in the song file that is un-editable to a new song file and save.
Possible Solution:
Create a new song file using the SSP Clipboard Import tool to edit, arrange and import the song text from your document.  Ideally, text only documents should be used as a source for the song text import. Obtain a new document from your source if necessary.
Possible Solution:
Use the SongSelect Lyrics service provided by CCLI to import song text. You must have a SongSelect account to do this.

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