songshow plus worship presentation software


Media Control or Display Properties preview thumbnails are not showing correctly


The SongShow Plus Media Control panel or the Display Properties preview strip do not show up as expected.  They may appear incorrectly or as just a white square. This may begin to occur after an SSP update. 

Possible Cause:
The graphics card does not fully or properly support DirectX 9.0c.  This change began in the October 2007 Edition and became more stringent in later releases.
NOTE: In many cases this is caused by the use of integrated graphics.

Possible Solution:
Disable the high end graphics (HEG) (AKA -  Full Graphics Mode) on all enabled displays to resolve the problem.  See KB TS292 for more information.

Possible Permanent Solution:
Update the video card driver. In some rare cases this is a video driver or setting but in most cases it is a hardware support issue.

Possible Permanent Solution:
Replace the video card in your SSP system with a newer model that fully supports DirectX 9.0c or higher and re-enable the Full Graphics Mode features.  If this is a notebook/laptop solution a different system may be required.

Possible Permanent Solution:
If you have more than one video solution (integrated and add-in) in your SSP system you could switch the video connections to eliminate the integrated graphics.  This can prevent the issue if the integrated graphics does not work as expected.


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