songshow plus worship presentation software

SongShow Plus 8.0 adds a number of great new features that will help you with your weekly service preparations! Direct integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive let you easily share media files and packages within your media team. Direct import support for Planning Center Online lets you create SongShow Plus programs from your PCO service plans, including associated media. Direct access to the new SongSelect API lets you more easily search for and download song lyrics into your SongShow Plus database. And with direct access to Shift Worship, you can search for and download new exciting media content using your Shift Worship subscription all from within the SongShow Plus user interface.

Other new features include layered backgrounds, fill-in-the-blank animation, media-specific slide properties, multiple theme support for slide shows, indepent control of up to four displays, and more.

You can upgrade your version 7 or earlier licenese to a SongShow Plus version 8 Basic license for just $179. To see a complete list of new features and pricing options, visit the SongShow Plus online store. You can also give SongShow Plus 8.0 a try by downloading it now. Version 8.0 will install along side version 7 and earlier so you can use both on the same machine. Give it a try today!

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