songshow plus worship presentation software


SongShow Signage lets you use the power of the SongShow Plus slide show presenter for your digital signage displays!

  • Are you now or in the future presenting your announcements to displays in places other than your sanctuary?
  • Would you like to add displays in other parts of your church where your cables don't reach?
  • Would you like to send different content to different displays and manage it all in one place?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then the new SongShow Signage product is what you are looking for! Together with digital signage hardware provided by GoFishMedia, the SongShow Signage product provides you with a way to use the resources and skill you have developed with SongShow Plus and use those to expand your signage capabilities!

Digital signage is an effective and important tool for communicating with your members. Learn more from GoFishMedia, (877) 458-6367, gfm‑

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