What is the difference between SongShow Plus™ and Microsoft PowerPoint®?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

Microsoft PowerPoint® is a general-purpose presentation application. SongShow Plus™ is designed specifically for displaying song lyrics (or other media) in a worship service. The following list of SongShow Plus™ features are not available in PowerPoint®, Corel Presentations® or Lotus Freelance®.

  • SongShow Plus™ includes a searchable database of songs, which you can add to or modify.
  • SongShow Plus™ allows you to find and display songs in other compatible databases, including CCLI's database of over 8000 songs.
  • You can search for songs alphabetically, by key, by phrase or by keywords.
  • You can jump directly to any verse, chorus, or song in a worship list.
  • In a spontaneous worship setting, SongShow Plus™ lets you preview or display any song in your open databases with a single mouse click.
  • With SongShow Plus™, you can easily make global modifications to display properties that effect all songs.
  • SongShow Plus™ includes a handy Clipboard Capture Utility for transferring song text from other Windows® programs into a database.
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