Does SongShow Plus support external video devices?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

Yes. SongShow Plus may work with video input devices attached to your computer like cameras or other video sources through the Video Devices media tab.  Once configured, these can be used for direct display or as a motion background for a text-over-video effect.  While SongShow Plus is designed to be aware of connected devices, there are no guarantees that it can "see" or work with every possible device.

We do not qualify/test specific devices for this feature so users may need to try different solutions if they have trouble or consult other users on the forums to see what has worked for them.  We do basic testing of the feature with a USB web cam and it does work as expected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This feature is not intended for live video/audio scenarios and as such you will likely find that synchronizing video and audio through the Video Devices tab problematic. Refer to article MI001 for additional details.  This makes the use of live cameras impractical in situations where its necessary to synchronize both, such as showing a person who is also talking while showing text at the same time.  For true live text over video support, contact the sales team about the ProKey solutions


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