Does SongShow Plus™ support Microsoft PowerPoint® slide shows?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

Yes. By default, SongShow Plus will play PowerPoint presentations using the PowerPoint playback mechanism.  A full local version of PowerPoint needs to be installed on the system for the default configuration to work. 

More integrated support for PowerPoint presentations is provided by the PowerPoint Support and PowerPoint Import Plug-ins.  These Plug-ins require that a supported version of Microsoft PowerPoint be installed on the system.
As of the September 2009 Edition, the plug-ins are integrated in the SSP installer and no separate installation is needed.

PowerPoint Version Support The following versions of Microsoft PowerPoint are supported in SongShow Plus.  Please keep in mind that while these versions have previously been tested with SongShow Plus and, in general, these versions should work in later builds/editions of SongShow Plus, the preferred version is used primarily in testing and any corrections will be made in subsequent releases of SongShow Plus with regard to the preferred version of PowerPoint.
Recommended settings for these versions of PowerPoint can be found in KB TS293.

  • PowerPoint 2019 (Supported but known Stage Display issue)
  • PowerPoint 2016 (Supported but known Stage Display issue)
  • PowerPoint 2013 (preferred)

INSTALLATION NOTE: Specific options that need to be included during installation from the Office Shared Features section are the Digital Certificate for VBA Projects and the Visual Basic for Applications options.  These are typically selected automatically during a clean default installation but SHOULD be verified by re-running the Office installer and checking through the Add or Remove Features install option if issues occur.

NOTE: ONLY the .ppt and .pptx file extensions are supported in SongShow Plus. 
The other available PowerPoint formats such as PowerPoint Show (.pps, .ppsx) and PowerPoint Template (.pot, .potx) and the macro-enabled versions (.pptm, .ppsm, .potm) have additional or different features than a “regular” PPT file and are not supported.  You should be able to convert any of these to a PPT/PPTX format in PowerPoint.

This list will be updated as new versions become available and are tested.

For historical reference, the following are previously supported versions of PowerPoint and the last version of SongShow Plus that they worked with. 

  • PowerPoint Viewers (No longer supported - September 2009 Edition) 
  • PowerPoint 2000 (No longer supported - June 2010 Edition) 
  • PowerPoint 2002 (No longer supported - June 2010 Edition)
  • PowerPoint 2003 (No longer supported - May 2012 Edition)
  • PowerPoint 2007 -- known lag issues (No longer supported - SongShow Plus 8.1)
  • PowerPoint 2010 -- known DeckLink (AKA ProKey) issues (No longer supported - SongShow Plus 8.2)

NOTE: We utilize the Microsoft Support Lifecycle guidelines in determining when to cease support for a particular version of PowerPoint in SongShow Plus but reserve the right to deviate from this as needed.

Operating System Considerations

Occasionally we run across issues that are either OS or Windows/Office Update related. There are a few known issues that are currently documented but as OS or other Windows/Office updates are done, issues can crop up or be resolved without warning.  It is important to be aware of and consider this before doing updates.

Windows 10 may be particularly problematic since there has been a major change in the way updates are done.  Refer to KB FAQ037 for more details.

Related KB articles will note specifics if they are known but if not, it is assumed that the issue exists in all operating systems.


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