Can I use content created in a different version of SongShow Plus?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

It is not recommended...
While you may have some success doing this, it is highly recommended that any content used for projection be created on a system having the same version of SongShow Plus on it. It will not matter if it is a Workstation or other Projection system that is used to generate or edit content, different SSP versions can cause issues with the projected content. This is especially important when the content is of a complex nature as it may use features and elements of SSP that have changed or are not available on the destination Projection system.

This becomes even more important to consider when moving between major releases or Beta builds that may have considerable functional or technological changes.

As a general rule, moving content from older versions to newer versions will have varying degrees of success, as attempts will be made by the software to convert the old content to the newer format and appropriate notifications will be made.  Even after a successful conversion, some discrepancies may remain.

It is never advisable to use content on a system with an older version of SSP that was created in a newer version of SSP as the behavior of the content and its affect on SSP are unknown. 


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