What web browser should I use with SSP?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

There are several web browsers available today, each with pros and cons.  For the most part, web browser selection is a personal preference however there are a few things to note with regards to SongShow Plus.

The internal workings of SongShow Plus that control the Internet interfaces (CCLI, image import, etc,)  use Microsoft IE.  The supported Operating Systems already have that included so there should be no issues with these internal SSP functions regardless of any other browsers you may have installed on your system.

The SongShow Plus Website and Forums may appear differently when viewed in different browsers. Minor visual differences or placement is certainly possible and would not be considered a defect.  If there is something that just does not work there may be a companion troubleshooting KB created to address the issue and any possible workaround.

We typically use Microsoft IE/Edge, Chrome and FireFox in testing but there are other browsers available that are not listed and have not been tested.

If you encounter issues that you feel are defects, please contact us.


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