What is the Wish List?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

The Interactive Wish List is a feature that lets SSP users help select the top priorities for future SSP development. The interface has two parts: Master List and  My Wish List.

The Master List is a list of items that have been suggested by other users. On this page, you can vote for the items that you would like to see implemented. You may vote for up to ten items.

After voting for the items, you can stop there, or you can go to the My Wish List page and then rank your votes. This lets you choose which items are the most important to you.

You can also submit a request to be added to the wish list. Do this by clicking the Submit a New Wish link.

In order to keep the Master List to a manageable size, not all wishes will be immediately added to the Master List. Also, when a wish is added to the Master List, its text may be modified or combined with other similar requests.

As wishes are implemented, they will be removed from the Master List, but will be shown with a status of "In Testing" or "Completed" on your My Wish List page. When features are implemented, they will be made available in new SSP editions.

A current subscription is necessary to use these new editions of SSP.

To view the wish list, you must register your SSP customer ID with your SSPlash account. Click here to register your SSP customer ID.

To vote on or submit wishes through the wish list, your church must have a current SSP subscription. Click here if you need to renew your SSP subscription.


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