How can I manage my wishes in the Wish List?*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

There are actually two places that someone may want to manage their wishes.  They are both found on the "My Wish List" tab of the Wish List page.

The "My Votes" section
If you want to edit or arrange the wishes in the personal voting section, these can be arranged using the row of up and down arrow icons in the second column.  This will arrange your wishes in order of importance to you and adjust the ranking weight accordingly.   The red x icon at the end of the row will remove it from your personal list but not the master list.

The "Wishes I Have Submitted" section
If you want to edit or remove wishes that you have submitted for consideration, you can do this by clicking on the small pencil icon that is in front of the wish description.  Once in the edit mode, you can update the wish or if you want to delete the wish you can select that from the options at the bottom of the edit page.
Once the wish has been touched by the Wish List team, the submitter will lose ability to edit or delete the wish.


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