Where can I find the Code A for my SongShow Plus version 7 or earlier install?


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to SongShow Plus Version 7 and earlier.

NOTE: Local system administrative credentials will be required to install SongShow Plus and retrieve the Code A. 
NOTE: SongShow Plus 7 and earlier versions are only supported for activation.  Some automated paths have been deprecated.  Please follow the instructions below exactly.

To unlock SongShow Plus Version 7 or earlier, a Code B or a license file is required. In order to generate the Code B or license file, a Code A from the machine to be activated is required.

To obtain the Code A from your machine complete the following:
  • SongShow Plus must be installed for the Code A to be generated.  If it is not installed already, install SongShow Plus now.
  • Once the installation is complete, go to the Windows Start menu and select SongShow Plus > Utilities.
  • From the Utilities panel, select Unlock.
  • Select option A) I have purchased a SongShow Plus license.
  • Select option A) I would like to unlock this installation as a Projection system. Click Yes to confirm.
  • Select option B) I would like to request an unlock code by phone
  • The Phone Request dialog will show the Code A needed to generate the Code B and License file.  Users can highlight, right-click and copy the Code A or write it down as needed.
    NOTE: The letter "O" is not used in the Code A or Code B.  The number 0 may be used.

Once you have retrieved the Code A from your machine, proceed with the next steps requested.
If you are unable to complete this successfully, please contact the Support Team.



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