Legacy Mobile Control - Beacon Port Conflict message when launching app.*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus using Legacy mobile control apps.

Legacy Mobile Control apps available prior to March 1, 2018 are no longer available for download and have been deprecated.  If you still have these apps, there may be limited support available by contacting the support team but at some point they will stop working.  It is recommended that you acquire the new SongShow Mobile Control app for your device.

When trying to use a mobile control app the user is presented with a message indicating there was a Beacon Port Conflict preventing a connection to a SongShow Plus system. 

Possible Cause:
There may be a mismatch in the ports selected on the app and on the host SongShow Plus system.

Possible Solution:
If this is the case you may also see the Looking for machines... message.  Refer to KB MC011.

Possible Cause:
There may be another app that is using that particular beacon port.

Possible Solution:
If this is the case you will need to change the beacon port on both the host system and in the app.

Check the Beacon Port settings on both the app and the SongShow Plus host system - they must match.  the default setting should be port 1111.  If this is the case then the default settings may be conflicting.  Follow the instructions below to change the Beacon Port settings:

On the SongShow Plus host machine

1.  Open the SSP Utilities panel (Start > Programs > SongShow Plus > Utilities) and select the Mobile Control Settings option.
2.  Make sure that the "enabled" check mark is in place at the top of the dialog.
3.  In the Beacon Port field, change the value to "1234". 
3.  Click Save and close the utilities panel.
4.  Re-start SongShow Plus.

In the SongShow Plus app

1.  Open the SSP app and select the Settings menu from the upper right corner.
2.  Change the value in the Beacon Port field to "1234".
3.  Click Save and close the app Settings dialog.
4.  The SongShow Plus system should be detected.


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