Legacy Mobile Control - Warning message regarding device screen size when launching an app.*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus using Legacy mobile control apps.

Legacy Mobile Control apps available prior to March 1, 2018 are no longer available for download and have been deprecated.  If you still have these apps, there may be limited support available by contacting the support team but at some point they will stop working.  It is recommended that you acquire the new SongShow Mobile Control app for your device.

When trying to use a mobile control app the user is presented with a warning message indicating the app was designed to run on a device with a different screen size and that the experience may not be optimal. 

Possible Cause:
This is expected behavior in some cases where it applies.  Some of the apps may not scale as expected when run on a device that the screen size is greatly different.  Some devices do scale apps better than others.

Possible Solution:
Run the app on the correct sized device.

Possible Solution:
The user does have the option to run the app anyway and can select to have the message suppressed in the future.  


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