I have WinDVD7 and SongShow Plus crashes or locks up*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus, however, the use of stand-alone DVD software has been deprecated.
Refer to KB for current DVD support requirements - This information is left for those using out-dated configurations.

At this time there is an incompatibility issue with SongShow Plus and WinDVD 7 that causes SongShow Plus to lock up or crash.  It's most noticeable when playing mpg video files but may happen at other times.  WindDVD 4 and WinDVD 6 both work well and do not cause these problems.  If you have WinDVD 7 you will need to uninstall it and try to find one of the other versions.

UPDATE Jan 2007:
WinDVD 8 is the most recent version from Intervideo and it has been successfully tested with the recent updates to SSP and found to work very well.


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