Video file types supported in Background Improv*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus after November 2008.

The video file extensions that are supported in SongShow PlusTM for the Background Improv Plug-in are a subset of the video file extensions that are supported in SSP globally.  For more information and limitations, refer to (MI010)

Keep in mind the required codec/filter still needs to be available on the system for proper playback of these file formats.

The changes in the November 2008 release allow additional file types to be recognized by SSP as video files. 

SongShow Plus can recognize any or all of the following Video File types in the Background Improv Plug-in:

  • Video Clip (*.avi)
  • Video (*.flv)
  • Video (*.mp4)
  • Video (*.m4v)
  • Video (*.mp4v)
  • Video (*.mpg4)
  • Movie Clip (*.mpg)
  • Movie Clip (*.mpeg)
  • Movie Clip (*.mpe)
  • Movie Clip (*.m1v)
  • Movie Clip (*.mpv2)
  • Movie Clip (*.mp2v)
  • Video (*.m2p)
  • Windows Media Audio/Video File (*.wmv)
  • Video (*.mov)

For SSP builds prior to November 2008 Edition the following Video file extensions are recognized in the Background Improv Plug-in: 

  • Video Clip (*.avi)
  • Movie Clip (*.mpg)
  • Windows Media Audio/Video File (*.wmv)

In some cases, other file extensions that may otherwise play on the system or be available elsewhere in SSP can be made available within the Background Improv Plug-in by changing the file extension to either .avi or .mpg but this is no guarantee that it will work, simply a way for the Background Improv Plug-in to "see" the file.  This should not be necessary when using the November 2008 Edition or later.

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