Video file types supported in Video Chain*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

The video file extensions that are supported in SongShow PlusTM for the Video Chain tool are a subset of the video file extensions that are supported in SSP globally. 

Keep in mind the required codec/filter still needs to be available on the system for proper playback of these file formats. 

  • Video Clip (*.avi)
  • Video (*.mpg4)
  • Video (*.mp4)
  • Video (*.m4v)
  • Video (*.mp4v)
  • Video (*.mov)
  • Video (*.3gp) 
  • Movie Clip (*.mpg)
  • Movie Clip (*.mpeg)
  • Movie Clip (*.mpe)
  • Movie Clip (*.m1v)
  • Windows Media Audio/Video File (*.wmv)

If some of the listed types do not appear in the Video Chain panel, review the instructions for selecting visible video types in the KB article MI010.


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