My laptop monitor blinks when I play a video file


NOTE: This article only applies to laptops with nVidia video cards and does NOT cover laptops based on ATI devices. 

A number of users have reported problems with their laptop monitors blinking when they attempt to play a video, or use a motion background.  If the following steps do not correct this problem, please contact our technical support line.

1. Right click anywhere on your desktop (on any blank space that is not occupied by a program) and select properties.  This will open the Display Settings window.
2. Click on the Settings tab.
3. On the settings tab, click on the Advanced button.  This will open another window with a number of tabs.
4. Click on the tab that says something like "GeForce xxxx"  If you don't have this tab, please call technical support.  Be aware, this tab name changes depending on which video card you have, but they should all generally start with the word GeForce.
5. Once you've clicked on the GeForce tab, a menu will open to the left of the current window.  On this menu look for "Full Screen Video" and select it.  This will change the contents of the GeForce tab.
6. On the GeForce tab, locate the "Full screen device" drop down box and set it to 'Disable'.
7. Exit out of the display settings clicking OK at each window.
8. Close and reopen SongShow Plus.  Now videos and motion backgrounds should play without causing your laptop screen to blink.



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