Power Management and Screen Saver setting recommendations for SongShow Plus


Power Management for all components of your Projection system should be turned off.  This will prevent any unexpected behavior or performance degradation caused by the system or any components entering or returning from a low power state.

All sleep timers for components such as Monitor and Hard Drives as well as system Standby and/or Hibernate should be set to 'never' or 'off'. Any other advanced power management settings should be disabled or turned off as well to allow for maximum performance and minimum response time.  This would include any other power saving technologies used in notebook systems like Intel SpeedStep.  We recommend that notebook systems always be run on line power instead of battery power for maximum performance.

The system Screen Saver should be turned off or set to 'none' to prevent the screen saver from launching unexpectedly during a presentation.

You can apply these to any Workstation systems in use as well if you choose to do so.  If these settings are not applied, unexpected behavior in SSP may occur after low power state recovery of the system or component.

These recommendations apply to all Operating Systems.

2/5/2009 10:12:33 AM
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