I have installed SongSelect, but can't find any way to import the songs into SongShow Plus.


(This information is related to the older CD versions of SongSelect.  Imports using the current online SongSelect Lyrics Service are downloading the song text into SSP and creating a local copy in the song database.)

Songs aren't really "imported" from SongSelect, but just accessed there from within SongShow Plus. The SongSelect ProModule must be installed to give SongShow Plus this capability. If you do not see an entry listed in the Song Database Sources window (Tools menu), naming SongSelect you will need to install the ProModule.  

To install the ProModule you can use the SongShow Plus Updater.  To do this close SongShow Plus, click on the Start Button > Programs (or All Programs) > SongShow Plus and select SongShow Plus Update.  Then click the "All Available Components" option.  

Alternately, you can use the CD or the Complete Download from the web.  Just run either one and select the ProModule that you need.  Be aware that using the CD or an old copy of the Complete Download you may not get the newest version of the ProModule. 

8/23/2007 1:48:22 PM
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