How do I add a song to the ShortList?


The following steps demonstrate how to add a song (the example is Amazing Grace) to the ShortList:

  1. Click on the Text tab, and use the radio button to select Phrase.
  2. Make sure the check box that says ShortList is not checked.
  3. Enter the words "Amazing Grace" (no quotes) in the Text field.
  4. Click the Search button. A list should appear below showing all songs that have the phrase "Amazing Grace".
  5. Click on the song with the title "Amazing Grace" (do not click on the green diamond or blue plus buttons).
  6. Select the menu item Songs > Add To ShortList. This will add the song to the ShortList.

 To verify: Click on the box that says ShortList. Click the Alphabetic tab, then click the A button. Amazing Grace should appear in the list below. 



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