How do I copy songs that I've added to my Workstation computer to the Projection computer?


The easiest way to copy songs is to use the Backup/Restore Utility This lets you move not only song files, but also your slide show, image, and video files. You can also transfer your SongShow Plus™ display properties and personalized spell-check information. To start the Backup/Restore Utility in SongShow Plus, choose Start > Programs > SongShow Plus > Backup / Restore Utility.


In SongShow Plus version 5.3 we introduced the [B]Package to Go utility.  This utility allows you to save the songs, videos and images from a program and transport them to another machine without having to backup your entire database of files.  Only those files in the program will be saved using this utility

SongSelect™ 2.1 Users: Please note: When you copy songs from one machine to another you are only copying songs you have added to the database, not the entire database. Note also: When you restore a database onto a machine, all the songs you have added before to that machine are over-written. Therefore, it is important that you establish a single machine as your master database machine.



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