Why does the font size change between songs and verses, and how do I make it stop?


The default setting of SongShow Plus™ automatically “sizes-down” text if it detects that the text will get clipped at the edges of the margin. Automatic sizing takes place if SongShow Plus™ detects that any line in a verse is too long to fit horizontally on the screen. It then detects if all lines put together are too long to fit on the screen vertically.

SongShow Plus can be set to make all text within a song appear the same size.  To do this, go to Display > Properties > Song Text > Lyrics > Font and check the Consistent option.

Note that the consistent sizing option only works within a song.  Other songs may get sized to a different consistent size.  To eliminate different sizes between songs, uncheck Shrink to Fit and lower the Size setting so that no words get clipped.


6/6/2007 1:39:12 PM
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