When I make a photo slide show the file gets really big. Why?


When you are creating a Photo Slide show, if you choose the “Load” images option the files are actually copied into the slide show. 

When you save the slide show you will notice that it may be substantially larger than you might expect. SongShow Plus displays images as uncompressed bitmaps. Doing this allows SongShow Plus to manipulate the image and apply affects without loosing any of the image quality.

When you load the images into your slide show, they are actually saved in the uncompressed format which is usually much larger than the original file type. To avoid this problem you should choose the “Link” option for your images. Instead of saving the images into the slide show, it creates a link to the image. This will keep your slide shows to a more reasonable size when you are using a large number of images.

If you are using the "Link" option you should store your image files in the SongShow Plus image folder. However, this means that before using the PhotoShow builder, the files need to be transferred here first. Storing your image files in the SongShow Plus image folder also allows the Package-To-Go utility to automatically save and transfer all of the linked files.

If you do not store your images in the SongShow Plus image folder, you will have to manually transfer them when using the "Link" option. When doing so, you will need to transfer them into the same file structure as they were stored in originally.

3/2/2009 3:51:05 PM
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