PAL DVD support in SSP*


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to all versions of SongShow Plus.

DVD support within SSP was developed and tested using Region 1, NTSC DVD content.  This format is the default in the U.S.  SSP does not formally support PAL (supported outside the U.S.) DVDs.  In the simplest terms, the NTSC and PAL formats differ in both resolution and frame rate.  Regarding DVD in particular, this difference was apparent in the disc formatting as there were rarely formatted to support both.  For the most part, this is no longer an issue with the improvements in video and TV broadcast and formats.

For SongShow Plus 8 and later
The PAL format was never tested with SongShow Plus 8.  

For SongShow Plus 7
Some limited testing has been performed for PAL DVDs and if you wish to use PAL DVDs with SSP, you may find that these DVDs will work for you.

If you choose to attempt using PAL DVDs, we recommend that you use PowerDVD Standard version 7 as this player seems to work the best with SSP and PAL DVDs.  In our testing of PAL DVDS, we have noticed a few issue that you should be aware of:

1. There does appear to be a vertical alignment issue regarding the menus and the transport controls.  This will cause the on screen control hot spots to be above the on screen text associated with it.  If you allow for this displacement in your menu selections the controls will work fine.
2. When editing the video playback settings in SSP, the step forward and step back controls do not work as expected.  Using the drag function of the position cursor will allow selection of start and stop points in the title.

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