Effects that may be affected by the conversion to the April 2007 edition


There were several changes made to the Effects for the April 2007 Edition of SSP7.  Here is a list of the effects that may be affected:

  • Bevel Edges - Replaced by Beveled Frame
  • Watermark and Custom Watermark - Replaced by the new Watermark (previous silhouette images that were available in the old Watermark are no longer available)
  • Hinge - parameters changed in the new Hinge
  • Pixelize - Changed to Pixelate
  • Sharpen - parameters changed in the new Sharpen
  • Tile - Changed to Grout

If there are issues with the old-style effects, you will get an alert similar to the one below:

Unable to make a complete conversion from an old-style effect: Bevel Edges. One or more slides may not appear as expected.

Any pre-April content that causes these or similar alerts will have to be edited to resolve the alert messages.

Additional details can be found on all of these in the What's New - April 2007 Edition post in the support forum or in the SongShow Plus Readme in the Help link of the main tool bar.

6/6/2007 1:53:21 PM
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