Effects Collection 1 Complementary license for current Basic License holders


As part of the April Release there were some changes made to the availability and arrangement of the effects in SongShow Plus.

Advanced Effects are arranged in Collections.  Currently there are two collections, Effects Collection 1 and Effects Collection 2.

All advanced effects are now only available with a Professional level license, however if you purchased a Basic level license prior to the release of the April 2007 Edition, your SSP account will automatically receive a complimentary Effects Collection 1 license. Your Basic license subscription must be current for this to apply.

To enable the use of Effects Collection 1, you will need to obtain and install a new license file for your projection system by using the following steps:

  1. Verify you have the April 2007 Edition of SSP installed and unlocked with your Basic license. (You can verify your Basic Projection License in Help -> About or in the main screen when SSP is launched)
  2. At the SSP control panel go to the main toolbar and select Update -> License Plug-in Upgrades.
  3. Click 'Yes' on the shutdown/restart SSP window. The unlock utility will launch.
  4. Select option 'C' - Update my License(s) directly through the Internet.

This should complete the Effects Collection 1 update. If there is an error or a message indicating one or more pieces of information were missing or incorrect for organization, contact or Code A, double check that all of your information is correctly entered. 

If this persists, contact Customer Support to have an unlock file sent to you via email and assist you with the update process.


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