VISTA / Windows 7 - Quick Message issues and possible workaround


 There have been several issues identified with the Quick Message Plug-in and Windows Vista and Windows 7. These are due primarily to the interaction of Quick Message and the User Account Control, which is preventing Quick message from accessing certain files and performing certain operations.

In particular there have been issues observed with the proper execution of Quick Message, access to the Quick Message Control Panel, Quick Message configuration and saving of presets in the Quick Message Control Panel.

There are some steps that you can take to allow Quick Message to work better without the system-wide impact of disabling UAC, such as running in XP Compatibility Mode or setting "Run As Administrator" for the Quick Message executables, however these may introduce other sets of issues.  Consult your IT professional before making any adjustments.

Even if adjustments are made, Quick Message may not always work as expected. 

At this time we do not have a solid work around for the consistent operation of Quick Message. 


1/22/2010 12:06:40 PM
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