VISTA / Windows 7 - DVD Import/Playback within SongShow Plus


At this time there are issues with the importing and playback of encrypted DVDs within SongShow Plus on the Windows VISTA / Windows 7 operating systems.

Encrypted or copy protected content is usually found on commercially produced DVDs.  Any encrypted content, such as a commercially produced Hollywood movie, will not import and will most likely terminate playback in the import tool after the initial splash screen or intro. This behavior may also occur with homemade DVDs as the authoring method is not certain.

In rare cases, video may appear but the audio will not work.  This still means that the combination is not supported in SSP.

We have tested unencrypted commercial content, such as Integrity's iWorship product, using the currently recommended DVD players (see KB SW020), each with the current Vista patches available from the respective vendors, and they appear to work as expected.

This issue appears to be related to the DRM enhancements in Vista and we do not currently have a work-around for this, but as always, we are diligently working on a resolution for the issue and this post will be updated when new information is available.


2/2/2010 1:54:30 PM
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