January 2008 Edition - Breaking Changes


The following items have been changed in the January 2008 Edition and may affect certain aspects of your SSP experience.

Custom dictionaries: The enhanced spell-check feature uses a new dictionary file format. There is no conversion from the old custom dictionary to the new one. If you have previously entered words in the the custom dictionary, these will not be carried into this edition and, instead, will need to be re-added.

No Old-English words: Previous versions of SSP came with a supplemental dictionary containing many of the old-English words used in older hymns. This is no longer included as a stock dictionary. However, the new KJV dictionary, when used, may include most words used in holder hymns.

Saved Verse order in a program or third-party database:  There may be some odd display of song parts  in a program in the January 08 edition that was created/saved in a prior version or saved in a third-party database, such as SongSelect 3.0 or Worship Software.  This could manifest as text not being displayed or a colon ":" being displayed in the program/inspector panel where the song part should be.

This is expected behavior. It is caused by the song part conversion that occurs the first time the January 2008 Edition is launched and is unavoidable.  This will only affect programs that have song part groups (Chorus, Bridge, etc.) that have multiple items.  The most common occurrence seems to be when the first occurrence of the part has no numeric notation (Chorus) and the second uses a number (Chorus 2).  The conversion will change this to Chorus 1/Chorus 2 in the song.  The verse order saved in the program is independent of this so any entries of "Chorus" saved in the verse order are now referring to a non-existent song part, causing the missing text and colon in the inspector panel.

The SSP databases should convert fine and will properly display its content when added to a program.

Please refer to Knowledge Base article TS058 for additional information.

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