April 2008 Edition - SSB - possible issues importing text with formatting


The SlideShow Builder has been greatly improved in the April 2008 build to recognise formatting of text when it is pasted from a variety of sources to save time when constructing slides.  With this comes the possibility that some unsupported things may tag along and cause some odd behavior or characters to appear. 

As a general rule the pasting of standard text styles behaves as expected but there are a few things to avoid.  Odd behavior has been observed with the following:

  • Pasting text from MS Word with highlighted text
  • Pasting tables
  • Pasting hyperlinks
  • Pasting bulleted text into the Top Ten Builder

Also, some editing may be needed after pasting the following:

  • Pasting an multi-level ordered list.  Some spacing may be interpreted as a different level.

 Pasting as plain text will prevent most odd behavior.

6/11/2008 1:26:00 PM
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