April 2008 Edition - Song Conversion to Slide Show - Possible Concerns


Some items or settings may not be included or used in the song to slide conversion as might be expected.  Listed below are some items that may be a concern. These are by design.

  • Slide Order vs Song Part Order - When a song to slides conversion is done the slide order is not based on verse order as may be expected. Regardless of verse order set in the song, the conversion is done based on the order the song parts are entered in the lyrics tab.  The slides can be re-ordered after the conversion is complete.
  • The "show on first slide" settings do not transfer when doing a song to slide conversion.  The Title, Author, Copyright and Reference sections will appear on each slide if selected in the song display properties.
  •  When a song to slides conversion is done there is a blank slide added to the slide show.  This is as expected.  This conversion is done based on what appears in the selectable song parts of the verse order settings.
6/11/2008 1:40:23 PM
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