April 2008 Edition - User Interface / Training Notes


In the April 2008 Edition, the following areas contain changes for which users will need to get acquainted:

  • Properties button option: An option has been added that lets you turn off the Properties button in the Program Panel. This button was added in the October 2007 Edition of SSP.  The option is found in Tools > Preferences > Program Panel.
  • Adding slides to a slide show: There is a new pull-down menu next to the New Slide button that is used to access the slide builders, the scripture slide insertion tools, and slide templates. The slide builders are no longer access through the Tools menu. Also, the Tools > Use Slide Templates menu item no longer exists.
  • Slide builders: The slide builders have changed significantly. Some options have been removed while others have been added. The Announcement and Outline builders have both been replaced by the new Text Slides Builder.
  • Pasting outlines: The support for pasting Microsoft Word bulleted and numbered lists has significantly improved. You may want to see if its now something you can use.
  • Bullet point properties: By default, bullet point settings will now be shared by all text objects of the same type. For instance, if your slide consists of all Main Text text objects, then you can set the bullet point properties for all of these text objects using Display Properties > Slide Text > Main Text > Bullets. Also, the property page for an object's individual bullet point settings has been moved to the Object Properties > Text > Bullets.
  • Tab size: The method for setting tab size within a text object has changed.
  • Scripture content: The menu item to add a Scripture text item has been removed. It has been replaced with mechanism to add a new scripture slide. The new Scripture Slides Builder also provides a new way to easily add scripture to the slide show that spans multiple slides.
  • Display Properties Change: A number of properties in the Song Text, Song Layout, and Scripture Layout properties groups have been moved. In the case of the Layout groups, these have been moved to a new "Show" tab. In the Song Text group, a new tab called "Additional Styles" has been added and contains the settings for italicizing song parts. There have also been changes in the Slides properties groups (previously just one Slide property group). In the slide show builder you will now see the song and scripture property groups.

    For additional details on these items, refer to the What's New document that addresses all the changes for the April 2008 Edition.




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