July 2008 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes


In the July 2008 Edition, the following areas contain changes for which users will need to get acquainted:


  • Slide Show Builder: The slide show builder has new toolbar icons. Also, the tool buttons used to add objects to slides has been moved to the to the top of the editor window. This gives it a horizontal layout rather than the previous vertical layout.  Some drop menus have been modified as well.
  • Slide builders: There is a new slide show builder called Video Sequence Builder that lets you build a slide show of videos and still images.
  • Slide Inserters: Users now have the ability to add a video or image slide to a slideshow with far fewer steps than otherwise required.
  • Effects Collections:  Several additions have been made to these Collections that are worth exploring.
  • Lyrics Service:  A fix for the recent SongSelect import issue has been included as well as a new utility that allows you to batch import songs in the CCLI format (.txt or .usr) that you may have previously downloaded outside of SSP.

    For additional details on these items, refer to the What's New document that addresses all the changes for the July 2008 Edition.



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