Alert - RME is either not installed or is corrupted after July 2008 Update


In some isolated cases, users are reporting an error message indicating possible RME corruption after the July 2008 Update. There is no error or alert from the installation/update process, but the following alert occurs when trying to play a video after the installation/update:

Unable to use fill type: Video File. Reason: An internal application error has occurred.
Contact technical support if this problem persists

Unable to load video: 001_JumpBack / MPEG file (.mpg). Reason: Unable to load Video
(NotAccessible). Reason: This application of component is either not installed or it's
installation is corrupted: R-Technics Multimedia Engine. Reinstalling this application or
component may correct the problem

We have been able to duplicate this behavior in the test lab and it appears to be caused by an incorrect RME RGB setting. This setting is causing the error message and videos not to play.

This conflicting setting appears to be the result of running the nvidiaFix utility that was used to resolve a NVIDIA specific issue beginning in March 2007. 

The resolution for this situation is to reset the RME RGB Video settings.

The KB TS080 addresses this procedure in detail. 
Contact Support for additional assistance if this procedure is not successful.

10/3/2008 10:47:33 AM
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