November 2008 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes


In the November 2008 Edition, the following areas contain changes for which users will need to get acquainted:


  • Slide Shows / Slide Show Builder
    • Margin Selection and Adjustments: Several new options/tools are available to add precision in adjustments in the Builders and simplify Lower Third slide creation.  See What's New for more details.
    • Scripture Selector Text Block: You now have the option to specify a block of scripture text to be imported into a slide. This more closely resembles an earlier text import behavior. 
    • Scripture Selector Options: New options let you specify that verse numbers are included in imported scripture and whether each verse is separated by a line break or not.
  • Effects
    • Gaussian Blur: A Gaussian Blur effect has been added to the Video Effects Collection. This effect offers a higher level of blur control when compared to the Soften or Blur effects.
    • Global Gaussian Blur: You can now specify that an automatic Gaussian blur be applied to all text and/or shape objects. This feature can help you improve the appearance of text and shapes in certain situations, specifically down sampling to SD video resolution, or up sampling to large screens. Settings for this are found from the main tool bar at Tools > Preferences > Global Gaussian Blur.
  • Transitions
    • Random transition: A new Random Transition option is now available.
    • New Transitions control page: The transition properties control page has been reworked to now more closely match the animation properties control page.
  • Other Items
    • Animation preview: A new preview window is now available when setting animation properties.
    • Recognized video file types: You can now add addition file types to be recognized by SSP as video files. Adding a recognized file type does not mean the SSP can necessarily play the video file. Successfully playing a video file through SSP still requires that the necessary codecs are installed on your system for the file you are attempting to play. Through the use of third party codec packs, you may find that you can play other video files like .mov, .flv, and .mp4. This new feature simply lets you add these file types to the list of those recognized as videos. Settings for this are found in the SSP Utilities Panel at Start > Programs > SongShow Plus > Utilities > Recognized Video Files.  Please read the note carefully. 

    For additional details on these items, refer to the What's New document that addresses all the changes for the November 2008 Edition.

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