May 2009 Edition - Bug Fixes


There are several reported bugs that have been addressed in the May 2009 Edition. Below is a brief summary of some of them. 

  • Scripture search error when switching between scripture and word search.
  • Creating a user defined song collection called "Stock Hymns" caused songs to be deleted upon update.
  • Superscript not showing up in Scripture slides made in Scripture Slide Builder.
  • SSP User Guide links were broken in SSP and start menu.
  • Hiding the control panel tabs at the bottom not recoverable without SSP restart.
  • Display properties not applying immediately to presented items until object was reselected.
  • File linking option restored.
  • Program launch issue (launch SSP by double clicking on a program file).
  • Song Re-edit errors.
  • SSP shutdown issue when closed while minimized.
  • Advanced Display Properties selection caused SSP crash is certain situations.
  • Text slides Paste and Split tool errors.
  • Tool tips on SSB/SSP playback controls.
  • Restored thumbnail preview for certain image import routines.
  • Exception Error occuring with repeated use of Slide Show builders.
  • Exception error occuring with DP layout manipulation.
  • Exception error occuring from Basic/advanced DP switching.
  • Title slide showing as blank slide on program.
7/1/2009 5:55:36 PM
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