Applications interfering with the proper operation of the H.264 plug-in


Applicable SongShow Plus Versions:
This article applies to SongShow Plus Version 7.

We have identified applications that, when installed on a system along with SongShow Plus 7 and the H.264 plug-in, will cause the H.264 video playback to fail resulting in an alert indicating the required CODEC is not installed.

The following applications or files should be uninstalled from the SSP system and H.264 video playback attempted again. Similar versions of the listed software may cause the issue as well but only the applications specifically tested are listed here.

NOTE: When doing the un-install be sure to select the options that will remove ALL shared components if prompted.  If this is not done the issue may remain.

  • Nero 7 Essentials
  • Some versions of QuickTime (this will sometimes but not always cause issues)
  • Flash DVD Ripper
  • PowerDVD 5.3 (OEM version)
  • K-Lite Codec Packs (any version)
  • any non-SSP H.264 codec/filter
  • any DivX or XviD codec/filter
  • WinDVD 2010 (may cause SSP to crash at the end of a clip)
  • PowerDVD 7 or 8 with Mpeg4/H.264 support
  • Some versions of VidBlaster (this will sometimes but not always cause issues)

FYI - If un-installing the applications/files listed above does not resolve the H.264 playback issue, it may be the case that the un-installer for the software in question did not fully remove the codecs or filters used to support the software.  In many cases these elements left behind will continue to cause the issue.  There are several "system cleaner" products available but we do not recommend any specific one and results widely vary.  We typically find that once the conflicting application is installed on the system the offending files are very difficult to remove individually.  In some cases the quickest solution has been to reinstall the operating system but this is not for everyone.

If you have questions about possible solutions, please contact the support team.

If  you recently installed a new application that caused your H.264 video playback to stop working and it is not listed here, please contact the support team with this information.

This is currently a work-around for the issue and we are exploring options to resolve this in a more permanent way.

Another alternative work-around would be to re-render the video file as a .wmv using Windows Movie Maker.


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