September 2009 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes


In the September 2009 Edition, the following areas contain changes for which users will need to get acquainted:

In SongShow Plus:

  • Basic Global Display Properties added: By default, a Basic Display Properties window is now used to set the global display properties. You can use the advanced window as before by clicking the Use Advanced Display Properties. The Basic Display Properties window provides a simplified way to select background, song and scripture layout settings.
  • Using Global Presets: You can now select Global Display Property presets through a new drop-down menu associated with the Display Properties toolbar button.
  • Typical Verse Order: The capability to set the verse order of a song by a single button click has been returned.
  • Verse Buttons: By default, the verse buttons for songs that are located in the Media Control Panel will now show the entire name of a verse ("Verse 1" vs. "V1"). The previous behavior can be specified in Tools > Preferences > Media Control Panel.
  • Stage Monitor: Additional features for text adjustment were added.
  • XML Import Plug-in:  This is now included as part of the core SSP installer, however it does still require a Professional SSP License. 

In SlideShow Builder:

  • Re-run Builders: For a slide show created by one of the slide show builders, you can now re-run the builder to make changes. This is helpful if you run a builder then realize you want something slightly different. Previously you would have had to edit the slide show using the Slide Show Builder itself. This feature will only work on slide shows created by builders in the September 2009 Edition or later.  Any changes made since the original run of the builder will be lost if the re-run function is used.
  • PowerPoint Import: You can now import a PowerPoint slide show as a SongShow Plus slide show. This import feature simply creates images of the PowerPoint slide show and stores them in the SongShow Plus slide show. Certain things like animated bullet points, transitions, and videos are not preserved.
  • Image Sizing: When presenting images, you now have two new sizing options: Stretch/Shrink and Enlarge/Reduce/Crop.


  • PowerPoint Plug-ins: PowerPoint support is now included with the SongShow Plus installer. The previous PowerPoint Support and PowerPoint Import plug-ins no longer exist.
  • New Builders: There are two new builders included - the PowerPoint Presentation and the Background Sequence Builders.

 For additional details on these and other items, refer to the What's New document that addresses all the changes for the September 2009 Edition.


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