September 2009 Edition - XML Import Plug-in is incorporated into the main installer


As of the September 2009 Edition of SongShow Plus, the XML Import Plug-in is incorporated into the main installer.  This means that there is no separate installation or selection required for the XML import tool for importing songs to be available.  A Professional license is still required to access this feature.
If you have updated SSP to the September 2009 Edition from a previous version that used a separate installer,  the Help > ReadMe > XML Import link will give you an error indicating the document cannot be found. 
The documentation for the XML Import that previously was found in the Help section is being relocated.  In the meantime that documentation can be found below:

Attached is an example of an XML document that can be used to import song data into SongShow Plus.
Please Note:
Specification Points: At this time, only the ISO-8859-1 encoding type is supported.
All elements are optional with the exception of Title.
Use a "//" to indicate line breaks in lyrics.
There can be multiple SongImport elements within the SongImportList element which lets you import more than one song at a time.

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