June 2010 Edition - User Interface/Training Notes


In the June 2010 Edition, the following areas contain changes for which users will need to get acquainted:

In SongShow Plus:

  • Web Page Import enhancements: There are new importers specifically for YouTube and Vimeo that automatically create and save the video as embedded for a full screen display.  The playback is still initiated by the user. 

In SlideShow Builder:


  • New Keyboard Shortcuts: Added Ctrl-O, Ctrl-N, and Ctrl-S for opening, creating, and saving slide shows and programs.
  • Transparent Color Tolerance for Images: This setting allows for better adjustments when setting transparent color.
  • Color Key Effect: This new effect allows keying on both images and video.
  • Video Frame Import: New image import tool that lets you import a single frame from a video file as an image object.
  • Help Files:  The index in the help files has been removed.  The search function will find all relevent help documents without the need to hunt through the index.

 For additional details on these and other items, refer to the What's New document that addresses all the changes for the June 2010 Edition.


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