October 2010 Edition - Lost Windows Resolution

(SSP082) From time to time users would report that a window that was opened, such as the Song Edit window, would get lost or hidden behind the main control panel window.  This has been addressed in the October 2010 Release with the addition of a Window Icon area in the upper right corner of the SSP Control Panel.

Each of these icons represents a different window (Song Edit, Display Properties, Image, Video, etc.) that is open and allows the user to bring them to the front when needed by clicking on the associated icon.  This allows the user to regain the focus of the Control Panel (if allowed) while they are working on something else.

With this change there will only be 3 places where SSP related applications/windows will appear.  The first is in the Window Icon area described above, the second is in the Windows Task Bar in the case of separate applications such as Backup, Package To Go or Utilities as seen below.

The third is when the task requires immediate attention and the focus is shifted to that window such as Verse Order adjustments or comments on an item.  In this case the user will not be able to shift the focus to the Control Panel and must complete the task and/or close the window.

If you encounter any situations that do not follow the conventions described above, please contact the support team.
6/20/2011 6:34:25 PM
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