SSP Best Practices - System Sounds

(SSP085) One thing that can be annoying and embarrassing is general system noises being heard during a service or presentation.

To avoid this we recommend setting the system sound scheme to "No Sounds". This will prevent any embarrassing system "dings and beeps" during a session.  This will not prevent "normal" sound, from a DVD or audio clip for example, from playing.

This can be done by opening the Windows Control Panel and finding the Sound options.  Once there, select the Sounds tab and under Sound Scheme select the "No Sounds" option.

In some cases if the system beeps are not stopped by setting the "No Sounds" option or they are coming from the case speaker it may be necessary to disable the beep sounds in Device Manager.  This can be found in the hidden non-plug and play drivers section of Device Manager by clicking View > Show hidden devices.  Open the Beep properties and set it to Disabled.


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