SSP Best Practices - Moving files to another SongShow Plus system

Periodically, users will want to move their SongShow Plus files from one system to another, either for a system upgrade or to share the files on a new/additional system.

We do not recommend copying or moving SSP data files manually from one SSP system to another.  This can introduce unexpected behavior. 

The safest and most efficient way to do this is to use the SongShow Plus Back up/Restore utility.

This tool will allow the user to select some or all of the SSP specific content that is on the system. The selected files will be gathered and compressed into a single file for transport. In addition to standard files such as video and image files, this process will also allow the user to move/share items that are more integral to SSP, such as Songs, Display Properties and such.  The only correct way to move these types of files is using this process.
Songs in particular can be dangerous to move in other manners.  In the past, users have mentioned simply copying/pasting the Songs folder as way to move them. Some have had luck with this but because the way songs (and other SSP specific files) are stored and accessed will not always be static, what works now may not always work.

When in doubt, use the Back up/Restore utility for easy transfer of SongShow Plus related files and content.



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