SSP Best Practices - Editing song titles for search

When creating and sorting songs, some users will use additions to the song titles to aid in the sorting process.  This may include a song book title or number, a song number or some other organization specific designation for certain songs or groups of songs.

This can complicate the search process if this is not done in a uniform manner.  Inconsistent titles (or other field data) will result in inconsistent search results.

Songs in particular require care in labeling since the song search does not return results for partial search strings.  For example, if you enter "goo" in the text search, you will not get songs with "good" in the title (or other field).  This is also true when searching for numbers as searching for "12" will not return results for "125" or any other "12x" character string.  Symbols that are included in the string will affect searches as well.

Whatever modifications you may make to the song content, consistency is always best.



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