SSP Best Practices - Video Card Settings

(SSP092) Video card manufacturers have a lot of settings available in their respective control consoles.  For the most part these are left at the default settings and work fine for most people.  On occasion, some users or applications will change the settings and this could be a possible cause of issues for SongShow Plus.

For the most reliable running of SongShow Plus, the video settings should be set to "Application Controlled" where applicable, which is usually the default.  If these settings get changed, the video card may do something that SongShow Plus is not expecting causing display or other errors when running SongShow Plus.

On rare occasion, a performance slider in this console could cause an issue with SongShow Plus.  If you encounter issues with SongShow Plus after a new video card or driver is installed, this might be the first place to explore.

12/29/2011 1:46:40 PM
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