SSP Best Practices - Running (or not running) the diagnostic trace file

(SSP093) One of the diagnostic tools that we have for SongShow Plus is the trace program that generates a diagnostic file containing useful information when troubleshooting.

The normal use of this would be to only enable it under the direction of a tech support person and it would normally be disabled after the required information was gathered and submitted.

We have found that from time to time, this trace program is left enabled or is unknowingly turned on by someone using SongShow Plus.  When this trace is left running during normal operations of SongShow Plus it may change the way errors and/or alerts are displayed.  This is expected behavior.

Something else that may happen if the trace is left running that is not expected behavior is that it may cause some unexpected or new errors that may or may not be related to the original issue that was being examined.

To ensure that SongShow Plus is running the best it can, do not enable or leave the SongShow Plus trace program running unless specifically directed to do so by Tier3 support.

1/12/2017 3:45:34 PM
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